Bubba-Q-Boys BBQ Rub is “Salty Sweet with Just a Little Heat” and makes for some good BBQ! Our special blend of spices creates a great combination of flavor on any meat. Whether you’re smoking brisket, ribs or pork shoulder or grilling chicken, shrimp kabobs, burgers, and even delicious on vegetables—especially corn on the cob! —Bubba-Q-Boys BBQ Rub is the ultimate seasoning.

The rub is available in a 12 oz. bottle and is gluten-free.

Where to Purchase

Buy your bottle of Bubba-Q-Boys BBQ Rub at one of our participating retailers:
Jack Wills Outdoor Living
Harvard Meats (Tulsa and Broken Arrow location)
Ida Red
Midtown Hardware
Doc’s Country Mart
Perry’s Deli and Meat
Carmichael’s Produce
Local Farm OK
Candy Castle
Okie Spice & Trade Company
The Cook’s Nook
Akins (in Bixby)

Try Bubba-Q-Boys on the menu at McNellie’s Pub and Elgin Park!

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